Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy thanks giving

Happy thanks giving to all my State friends:)..Enjoy,Try not to over eat...I am thankfull for all my online friends...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finding Nemo layout,Cricut

Hi guys,
I am about to fly out to Florida friday so this wil be my last post
for next 2 weeks-ish.
This is a layout I did for my last years Disney trip
The Finding Nemo show was so bright and colorfull...

Monday, November 23, 2009

flu update

Well we are over the worst of the flu at our house thank goodness.Just in time for our Florida/Disney trip;) on friday..whew!!!...I hope you are all well...Love the new items I've seen online but sorry I haven't had much time to comment on them as my son has been sick plus working and getting last min prep for trip done.
I hope you New Moon fans got out to see it...I'll have to wait until after our trip now:(...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noel christms card

As we are  down sick with the flu at our house,this is just a quick post of a christmas
card I made.I used a Martha Stewart punch,Christmas paper and red,white card
stock.Off to work tomorrow for another 4 x12 hr night shifts then to Disneyworld
next friday the 27th for 9 days so probably not alot of posts in next 3 weeks.I hope
 all of you are well and have a great few weeks while I'm away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


well my son got put on tamaflu last night.he is feeling pretty rotten and we are pretty tired from a long night and day..No crafting for a bit got to focus on my boy.Take care all.I hope you are all well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flu at our house

Well everyone the flu has hit our house and my sons sick.So no posts for me for awhile .We are going to the clinic shortly to see about next step,? tamaflu???..His girlfriend and him both have it the poor dears....
We go away,I hope to Disneyworld in 9 days.Say a little prayer please...Take care everyone....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seaworld Florida photos

Since I am in the middle of working 4, 12hour night shifts at the hospital
I dont have time to craft ,I thought I'd share a few of my seaworld
 pictures(non disney I know but close)..
.We have been down the last 3 years but this year are
going to see Bush Gardens instead of seaworld because
 of timing we cant do both..I'll miss not going there but I'm
 looking forward to seeing
what bush has to offer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog Awards

Blog awards

I am going to join in with others on this award and instead of passing it on to people myself I am going to let you help yourself. So if you are a follower then help yourself to the award, if you are not a follower then become one now and also help yourself to the award,because we all deserve an award for our creative efforts and inspiration to others.

Brenda from "Brenda’s joy" was kind enough to think of me and give me an award...
 Here is her link  (  I would need to list 10 honest
things about myself. (When you post your version of this please include my

1---I am addicted to scrapbooking and have a stash much bigger than I have time to use up...
.oh well I won’t have to buy anything on my retirement budget down the road...he he he ...

2---I am having way too much fun with my new pastime blogging.

3---I am so happy to see comments on my blog and get a kick and feel honored when a new
follower signs up.

4---I am way to involved emotionally in my work (paediatric nurse) and often get worked up
 on their behalf, on safety issues, like it was my child .I am over protective.

5---I am generous to a fault with my time and energy and sometimes run myself down because
 I try to do it all and put myself last...I don’t rest enough...

6---I love cafe mocha way too much.

7---I love chip and dip way too much.

8---My feelings get hurt to easily and I take things to heart.

9---I am a worry wart and I am overprotective,which runs me down emotionally way to often as well...

10---I am now addicted to trips to Florida and Disneyworld....hence the main topics on my blog :)

Now to all my followers,please fill this out and pass it on to others on your blog..dont forget to add your blog link for your followers to list....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Believe Christmas Card

A quick christmas card.
Sorry no product details.
I've been sick but just wanted
 to post something quick and easy:)

Merry and bright card

This is a quick christmas card I made.
This time i'm not going into product details.
Still tired from being sick the last few days..and I'm back to work on weds for another
4 x12hr night shifts at the hospital and wont have time to scrap anything...Plus packing
,and getting ready for our DisneyWorld trip, in between it all.We leave on the 27th am or in
17 more sleeps  lol..
another card post to follow..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A princess Kiss, sketch challenge by www.

I decided to do my first sketch challenge from www.

This is a layout of my son with sleeping beauty at WDW.He was so sweet at age 14
 to line up for his mother even though he was a bit mortified....what a sport. Once he
got that kiss he did not mind so much. Lol.
This is a repost of an earlier september layout.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog Award

I was given this sweet award by Brenda over at Brenda’s Joy.
It came at a perfect time to cheer me up as I was not feeling well .
I caught a bug (not swine flu, thank goodness).Brenda, I am very
 touched and honoured by this award. I am new to blogging and
have so enjoyed seeing all the lovely items you have created .
They inspire me to do better. You are so creative. I thank you
from the bottom of my heart.

Blog Awards

From Brenda’s Joy

Here are the questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? ---In my purse

2. Your hair? ---being grown out for the first time in years

3. Your mother? ---A character

4. Your father? ---Abusive

5. Your favourite food?--- Anything I don’t have to cook

6. Your dream last night?--- Didn’t

7. Your favourite drink? ---Cafe mocha

8. Your dream/goal? ---early retirement

9. What room are you in? ---Den

10. Your hobby? ---Scrappin

11. Your fear?---Drowning

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?---In a new job

13. Where were you last night? ---in bed sick

14. Something that you aren't? ---selfish

15. Muffins?---- Banana nut

16. Wish list item? ---Gypsy

17. Where did you grow up?---- New Brunswick, Canada

18. Last thing you did? ----Made coffee

19. What are you wearing?--- jeans

20. Your TV? ---off

21. Your Pets? ---dog

22. Friends? ---The best

23. Your life? ---To much Drama

24. Your mood? ---happy

25. Missing Someone? ---My brother who’s away

26. Vehicle?--- Saturn

27. Something you’re not wearing? ---jewellery

28. Your favourite store? ---Michaels’

29. Your favourite color? ---Green

30. When was the last time you laughed? ---yesterday

31. Last time you cried? ---–last week

32. Your best friend? ---Catherine

33. One place that I go to over and over? ----Michaels’

34. Facebook? ---yes

35. Favourite place to eat? ---out

Now to pass it on to five bloggers that I admire:

Brenda---you are so thoughtful, encouraging and
you inspire me with you lovely creations;

Wanda---you use such beautiful details in your layouts;

Jamie---you use such great color choices and I love your

To Sophie’s mama---you inspire me to make more cards with
your wonderful examples;

Sandi---your layouts are stunning, the amount of detail is incredible...

Ladies please pick up your well deserved awards..And thank you
all for your kind words of support and you inspiration...Hugs to all

Ps-Brenda...Did I pass this on correctly..I’m not sure being new to this and all

Disney Foam Board project

Hi guys,
I am feeling somewhat better today.I played around with the blog layout .I wanted it to have a better look...still working on it..please let me know what you think..whats ok whats in need of improving...

This is a project I did at a crop weekend.
It's made
 with foam board,
painted white,with a frame cut out and a back cut out,papers added to look like a quilt,
hand stitching( which I stink at),chipboard letters and accents,gems,flowers,brads,
stamping,buttons,and black and white photos(I think they show up better)..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

bitten by a not so fun bug

Hey guys,
I will not be putting any new projects on for a day or two as
I've been bitten by the bug and its not my Cricut I am afraid..
not full blown flu but not feeling well..So take care ,be healthy
 and have fun blogging,talk soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let it snow card

This is just a quick card I made using basic value card stock,
a Martha Stewart punch set and K&co chipboard self adhesive
 chipboard.It 12x 6x6 in size.Thanks for looking and have a great day.

My DisneyWorld trip tips

I want to share a few of my trip tips for wdw with you...

Here if they are not in sequence...I’m adding them as I go..this is a bit long...
----Buy the unlimited refillable mugs at the resort. I buy ours the first day. Unlimited drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pop/soda).(see my blog post on refillable mugs)

----I cannot stress this one enough...PLAN which park you will visit on which day ahead of time. You’ll need to know this to plan your dining reservations. Park schedules come out about 3 months in advance, just in time for the 90 days ahead to book. I called the am of the 90th day and still can’t always get the times I want. This will also help you to know which park is open the longest which day. We live in Canada so when we go we want to be at the park that’s opened the longest to enjoy as much as we can. So I plan our days according to the parks opened the longest that day...You’ll need to consider the following; special events like Mickey’s very merry Christmas; do you really want to see wishes or go all that way to find out it’s not showing the night you picked to go to MK but if you had of planned, just a bit ahead you’d have seen it.....
-----I make a weekly schedule and for each day put in the following—park hours—parade times—firework times—special event hours if attended( usually costs extra)—our dining reservation times(booked 90 days ahead of time )—etc... And then you can wander the park not worrying if you are missing anything as you have it all ready at your finger tips before you go...a great site I watch is
------Plan some sit down time, you’ll be more tired than you think at the end of the day, especially if you are not used to the hot Florida sun and the place is huge...we do outside rides then a cool air condition show then repeat....
-----Park hopper passes are worth it...if you are limited to one park and you get there and want to go to another you can...if it rains and you think one parks a better choice over another you can( rainy days ..don’t despair when people leave go to the character greets-- much less line up)
-----we schedule one sit down meal a day at a reservation required restaurant it gives the grownups relaxation and quiet time and a great meal( it’s not all about the kids, it’s your vacation to..Explain to the kids before you go you will be doing this one thing for you, not just everything they want and that no whining is allowed during this time)
-----The Disney dining plan is a huge deal if you book the sit down restaurants...some are pricey and are included in the plan and you save big time and eat like kings...see my blog notes on the dining plan..Photos of food included...
-----Pack all the medications you’ll need for the what if shop Advil/Tylenol etc is like double the price 13-15 $ for a small bottle.
-----Ziploc bags...bring them ....for your liquids in your suit case(exploded shampoo or toothpaste all over your cloths-NOT fun) and wet socks after the water rides, for a face cloth to wipe kids up after a meal or messy ice cream, or to wet with cold water to put on your neck to cool down/ bandanas are great as well, also great to put camera memory cards locked in one place so they don’t fall out of the camera bag and get lost, kids picky eaters bring non perishable foods/left over’s along with you after eating at a restaurant for them to snack on later, great for kids just toilet trained but have an accident while waiting in line/underpants don’t need to be tossed out save them in the bag).
-----bring a plastic bag and put your shoes in it on wet water rides. Soggy sneakers aren’t fun to walk in (I bring water shoes in my bag to slip on for the water rides)
-----Do you have a bed wetter? Ask on arrival for an extra set of bedding so you don’t have to call someone at can deal with it quickly go back and get precious sleep....
----If you are on a budget buy snacks and bring them to the parks, much cheaper .If you are on the Disney dining plan some snacks are included depending on which one you buy).
--- A word of WARNING: some counter service locals may offer both snacks and meals. Most snack items under $4 are eligible for the snack. Anything more may cost you a counter service credit. Be sure to Clarify that this is a snack item or you may find they’ve taken away a counter service credit and your short a meal credit.....
----An early lunch/brunch will help if you have the 2 meal plan...or use a snack option for banana bread or piece of fruit for breakfast or eat breakfast as a meal credit have a snack at lunch and eat an early dinner..Meals portions are huge at most won’t go hungry...My boys are big eaters and were fine...
-----With the swine flu fears antibacterial hand wipes/cleaners are a must....especially after the rides...wipe down the TV remote, door handles, towel bar and stroller/wheelchair handles( who knows who and how many people have touched these)...I advise getting the H1N1 flu vaccine(air planes/airports/rides/close to each other in lines)...
------Do you plan on shopping bring an empty suit watch the weight limits...we try to spread the weight evenly between all the bags we have...
-----In case of lost luggage we pack one full outfit for hot/cool days and underwear, tooth brush, comb, and medications (carry a list and copies of prescriptions...also eye glasses prescriptions in case broken...I can’t see without mine) in our carryon bags( just make sure no liquids as per airline policies)..Don’t pack anything you don’t want to lose in your main camera/meds etc...
-----Take lots of photos and even if you don’t buy use the Disney photo pass photographers...browse there pics when you get home they may have gotten that pic with Cinderella that you got but someone’s blinked in yours...its free until you choose to’ll have 30 days to decide.(see my post on photo pass info)
Great spots for photos.....

---The castle from the railroad station balcony (see main street and castle...perfect spot to watch the fireworks and get photos and parade viewing spot..but go 1-2hrs before), from tomorrow land bridge, from the rose garden, from crystal palace bridge and a picture with the Walt and Mickey statue.there are very cute staues in from of the castle like dumbo,goofy(on pedastiles around walt)

----Picture sitting on the bench on Main Street with the goofy statue...also with the Minnie statue.
In fantasyland by the carrousel the sword and the trying to pull it out...

----Pictures in different Epcot countries...doorways and arches make great shots of Disney details...
----Gift shops...yes gift shops are great places to take pics of the full wall of stuffed Mickey’s or pics with you wear/trying on crazy hats (we do this each trip).

----A shot of you wearing your Mickey ears from front and from back.

---Mickey and Minnie's house in Toontown..By mail box or sitting on the furniture, opening the fridge etc...Look at the potted plants...funny names on each...

----Close ups like Mickey ballons, or colourful items in countries like morocco –huge silver plates
get Mickey to wave goodbye to take a picture for the last page of your scrapbook.
-----Always have your camera ready to catch that unexpected a character shows up you didn’t expect...
----Bring more memory or film than you ever dreamed you needed and lots of batteries/recharger for the camera..You’ll need them...
-----And remember shutterbug to put the camera down and have fun too....
------Plan a stay at resort relax day mid’ll need it...go to the pool or stroll around the resorts checking them out, stroll downtown Disney...take it easy...recharge for the next full day...our first trip I was gung hoe to see it all in a week and wasn’t going to lose a day doing nothing ..Well...I wish I would have...our following trips we take a day mid week to recharge.
---see my blog note on photo pass for hints. Take pictures of all of you...the cast members are usually more than willing and often offer to take a pic of your group...Take them up on it...

-----Wanted to stay at animal kingdom lodge but it was out of the budget...well it has over 100 animals that you can see for free by dropping into the hotel and taking a stroll outside to the viewing areas and if you go around the hotel in the lobby on each floor are free viewing areas as well..I got some great animal shots from there zebra, giraffe etc...All free)...and the gift shop has a place set up for kids to play musical instruments from Africa.

------ There are full size statues of Disney characters that you can pose next too for memorable pictures in downtown Disney area (no admission fee). There is a wonderful Lego store there with plenty of life size Lego structures to check out and a Lego building play area.

---One of the biggest costs at Disney is the stroller rental. $15 + a day, but a double stroller is $30+ a day. That’s $100 or more for a week’s stay for a single stroller...check with the resort to see if anyone has left theirs behind...sometimes they lend them out...or bring a cheap umbrella stroller that you can leave behind if you don’t want to lug it back home...
-----Trip planning;
-Stay on Disney property or off? ----Disney hotels are broken down into 3 categories. Deluxe (Expensive), Moderate (pricey) and Value (very reasonable)... Room rates vary by season so watch for value season deals. So far we have stayed at all star movies (value resort), all star music (value resort) and Coronado springs (moderate rate resort)...value resorts have standard sized rooms ,are noisier because families looking for a deal stay here but if you will be gone all day to the park anyway they are a good deal..Our fav was the moderate resort (2 adults one teenage boy)...better mattress, fancier food court (on dining pal as well) quieter...nicer overall....

-----choose your dates. I highly recommend you go in the off season. This is going to save you a lot of money.
------choose your resort/hotel. We chose to stay on property for the benefits there are to staying on site. The perks of staying on site include Disney transportation directly to each park via bus, extended park hours for resort guests and ability to purchase the dining plan to save on your meal costs-choose your tickets. How many days do you want to spend in the parks? Do you want to hop from park to park? Do you want to visit water parks? (Closed at certain times of the year)
------choose your meal plan. Are dining experiences important to you? We wanted to dine with the characters, so the dining plan was cheaper / great deal.
----Travel insurance is an easy, affordable way of being prepared for anything as you set out to take that all important trip and it can make any bit of travel so much more enjoyable. Just imagine, not having to worry if the airline loses your luggage, or if you end up spraining your ankle... Everything is covered, which means you will have the all important peace of mind you should have when traveling. There are several reasons for buying travel insurance, possessions are lost or stolen, or baggage is lost en route also consider. The business goes bankrupt (cruiseline, airline, resort etc) it’s more common than you’d think. This is a rather more common occurrence then you might think; room accommodation go to check in and they don’t have your reservation, no record of your payment, and they refuse to set you up with another room until it’s all sorted out. This takes time and money you may not have. Medical emergencies for you (if hospitalized you’ll desperately need insurance, what if you are there for weeks) or a loved one at home. Extreme weather, hurricane etc...Plan for evacuation...You are attacked God forbid, you’ll need insurance to help you out.
------Make sure you have all important papers with you and a copy at home and one in your carry on (medicare, drivers license, birth certificate, current photos, insurance cards, trip insurance papers, passport, copies of credit card info and #’s to call if lost/stolen, home phone #’s address in case of emergencies, notary paper for kids travelling without both parents, photograph luggage, description, list of contents in case lost..Etc…)
-----Passports-need to be good up to 6 months after you return from your trip...make sure they are up to date…
----Medications, like motion sickness patch/tabs, gravol, pepto bismol, immodium...home prescription meds, allergy meds, epipens...
-----A second pair of eye glasses and prescription in case lost or broken...
---Bring area maps….in case you get lost.
----Book car rentals before you leave to ensure you get type you want book shuttle buses to parks outside Disneyworld like SeaWorld or bush gardens...mears transportation are great and reasonably priced…take advantage of Disney’s free magical express to and from the airport...huge savings...

I hope my trip tips help you have a great trip…more to follow in future posts….

Why I love WDW

Why I love WDW
Animal Kingdom

4th of July

4th of July
Magic kingdom

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella's Castle
Magic kingdom


France (my hubby)

Hollywood studios(MGM)

Hollywood studios(MGM)
Rockin Rollercoaster

Hollywood Studios(MGM)

Hollywood Studios(MGM)
backstage tour

Chef Mickey's

Chef Mickey's
My three favorite boys

Meeting PLUTO

Meeting PLUTO
a kid again :)

A Royal Kiss

A Royal Kiss
Sleeping Beauty's "Gift" to my son Chris

What a bunch of Characters

disney women making silly faces
disney comments and graphics

My fur baby

My fur baby

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making cards mag-UK
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