Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disney photo pass info

now to talk a bit about Disney’s photo pass service.

Disney has a group of photographers all over “the World” ready to take your picture for free with no obligation to purchase ,they will take pictures with their camera and yours if you ask(a good way to get a shot of everyone in your group) (they are not all professional photographers)..They do a fantastic job.

How it works,

Have your photo taken and get a Disney’s photo pass card. The card has a code on the back that the photographers scan at each photo spot and links all the photos together...copy down the code or take a pic of the code with your camera; cell phone in case it’s lost you’ll still be able to retrieve the pictures later.

You can have as many cards that you want so don’t fuss
 digging in your bag for it, they’ll give you a new one when needed...

     Where to find the photographers???

...well usually in all the spots where the icons of Disney
are found,
the castle, main street USA, the rose garden,
epcot globe, tree of life, tower of terror,
Sorcerer Hat etc...Also at character meet and greet
spots. Areas can be found on the Disney park maps
...dining locations have some as well
(usually for offered pkgs) can buy a private
 photo session at the resorts
(moderate-deluxe resorts)

Want some Disney can have Disney characters magically superimposed on your photos...
examples...tinker bell at the magic
 kingdom(main street. ,or by castle),
baby samba at animal kingdom
(by tree of life),stitch at MGM/Hollywood
studios(sunset blvd),Minnie, Mickey and
Goofy Soarin(fountain stage &world
showcase plazas),fairy wings(pixie hollow)attractions/rides also do pictures,(test tract ,
rockin roller coaster,for example),dining
packages are available(example Cinderella’s
royal table,chef Mickey's).

They will be put on and a 30 day deletion countdown clock
 will begin..(  they will be deleted at  midnight ex:date 12/12 /09 ..It will expire at the
 start of 12/12/09 not end so the real expiry date is 11/12/09 by midnight :)...

 So make sure you remember to check for
them online when you get can view
 them in the park almost

To view your photos in the parks go to the photo centers
near the park entrances.

Some of the photo pass products include...

Prints, video cds, photo cds, photo books etc...
(The web site often has discounts)

use your camera as well as the photographers when
possible to get as many shots as possible so you don’t
miss that one great shot better several good shots then
one where someone has blinked,
 ask the photo pass person to take several pictures just in
.....mark down those photo card numbers in case lost..

Contact info at the website bottom or here. or
 call and leave a voice mail at 407-560-6068

I hope this will help you with your trip
photo  planning. I love to take lots of
photos (3500 on a 10 day trip) so bring
 lots of memory cards or more film than
you’d ever dream of needing..The details
 will surprise you; you’ll want to take pics
of those as well not just of the castle and family
 .....happy photo taking....these
photos are ours from photo pass over
 the years....


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