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Disney Dining plan (part 2)

                   I wanted to let everyone know the Disney restuarants that we have
 tried and what we thought of each,,now each persons taste is different but I
thought i'd let you know if you haven't been what we thought of them....
here it goes....

Animal kingdoms

Yak &yeti restaurant-Asian food located by
 Mount Everest...we found the food very good.

Discovery islands—
Flame tree bbq...bbq chicken and ribs in large portions...very good as well...

Disney’s Hollywood studios (mgm)
—streets of America& commissary lane—
ABC commissary—cafeteria style food, fish and chips, burgers...
we found the food fair....

Back lot express—fast food with a fair amt of choices...
food was good for fast food...

       Sci-fi dines –in theatre—you eat in classic convertible cars in the dark and
watch old movies and cartoons like at the drive- in...Food was fair...better for
 younger kids, my 14 yr old thought it was “lame”...I like seeing the old movies
 but we haven’t gone back in our trips since..

Hollywood blvd & echo lake area...

50’s prime time diner......home cooking like in the 50’s meat loaf, big Sundays etc...
but don’t forget your manners or you won’t get any dessert....(my husband didn’t
realize the theming and when the waitress asked if he had washed his hands he was
 quiet insulted..I had to quickly explain what was plan ahead
and let the adults in on it) is yummy and lots of it and its just plain fun even
my teenage wants to go again and again..Maybe it’s the huge brownie sundaes???

Garden grill—character meal with chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto dressed up
 like farmers...the restaurant rotates while you eat...(farm house/field/etc)..It’s
served family style (platters) all you can eat...and it’s good food...we have
 great character pics from here...great for young and old...

Boulanger patisserie—French pastry—need I say more...yum and yum...a must do!!

Les chef des France—traditional French foods...
cheese plate, French wines, French pasteries..
.need I say more...

                     Coral reef ---fine dining and they say every table has a clear
view of the aquarium.....Well we were seated on the top row as far away
 from it as you could get and couldn’t see much.. As for the food..It was
 good but not at those would be better near the tank because
they had huge sea Turtles, sharks and fish (we had to walk down to
the tank to see any of this).....we haven’t gone back.

               San Angel inn...Mexican food by a volcano, outdoor bistro setting
(inside Mexico building) in the dark....I don’t know if it was just us /travelers
sickness but on our first trip my son and I ate here, the last night of our trip
thank God, because we were up all night throwing up and had diarrhea,
 the two of us...enough said...the atmosphere was really nice on the positive

Restaurant Marrakesh...Moroccan food with a belly dancer
 that my son and hubby thought was cool...we didn’t care for
 the food except dessert was good...

• Magic kingdom....


         Cinderella’s royal table...character meal....we had the lunch and got
 a free picture package with the dining plan and saw many of the princesses
 inside (Cinderella is only seen outside for the picture but the others come to
each table for pics) was pricy but pretty good...

Frontier land..

Liberty tree tavern...New England foods served family style platters)
it used to be a character meal...we love it...foods good...theming is fun...

The crystal palace...character meal with Winnie the pooh and friends...
buffet with a good selection...we went with a for younger kids...
we still had fun getting pics...

Tomorrow land—

        Cosmic rays cafe—“live’ entertainment...a lounge singer..(Mechanical character)
 ..lots of food choices like chicken and ribs, burgers etc,,,,lots of food per serving
could easily share a plate between kids if on a budget...we weren’t so lucky with
 a teen with a hollow leg ...we go back every time we are there...


All star resorts

(We’ve been to movies, music) they are basically the same...nothing fancy but good food
...chicken meals, salads, pizza, burgers, steak ,breakfast foods...a good value but basic
foods...we had no problem finding something for everyone the choices are many..


             The California grill...fine dining—dress code...takes 2 dining meal credits,
best with older kids...if you time it 30-40 mins prior to the wishes fireworks at the
castle like we did ..
It’s all worth the cost...stunning views from the roof top fully glassed restaurant can also go out on the roof for a view of the fireworks...all the sounds from the
 magic kingdom fireworks are piped into the restaurant ,it’s like being at the castle...
food is pricy but amazing..Yum...and we were on the dining plan and got a seat right
by the window. It was perfect but any seat will give a great view...

Chef Mickey’s—a must.. for young and old...buffet with loads of choices and
great foods...a character meal geared to little ones..A bit noisy but even with
a teen we have fun and we go back every year we love it so much...

Coronado springs ---
               Pepper market...basically it’s a fancier food court...a lot of stations were you pick you
 food and they stamp your card( a bit confusing at first) lots of choices great steak ,and desserts...
etc.. We really likes it...ate there more than once...

Downtown Disney—

               Planet Hollywood—very fun theming...noisy, crowded but servers
 work hard to make the wait is great...
We go back every it...


Why I love WDW

Why I love WDW
Animal Kingdom

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4th of July
Magic kingdom

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella's Castle
Magic kingdom


France (my hubby)

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Hollywood studios(MGM)
Rockin Rollercoaster

Hollywood Studios(MGM)

Hollywood Studios(MGM)
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Chef Mickey's

Chef Mickey's
My three favorite boys

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Meeting PLUTO
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My fur baby

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