Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meeting Disney Characters-Tips for face time

Hi guys,
 I’m switching over to Disney mode :) I want to share with you how to get a bit extra face time
with the Disney characters, especially your favorites. The thing I
did was make my own character T-shirts..(See pics)...I bought
cheap T's on sale, bought iron on transfer material for dark t-shirts,
looked up on the net for our fav characters pics / and /or used pics
 of us with the characters from previous trips..put tiltles around the pics my first disney trip or me and my pal mickey, my 2008 Disney trip, etc get the idea..i then printed it off on my computer onto the iron on
material then ironed it onto the t-shirt..(cheaper than buying t-shirts
there if budget is a concern...
As you will see in the pics it got the characters interacting with us
even more than normal
and if they hold you there
you feel less bad that you’re
holding up the line:)

Tink took time to comment on each of the 4 pics on my sons shirt especially
 warning him to not let Mickey see the pic of Minnie kissing him....
later at mgm Mickey saw the t-shirt picture and made signs ,
--i'm watching you.
which had everyone laughing and my son actually blushed which made
it even funnier(he was 16)...
Minnie let him know how pleased she was to have her picture on his shirt and
that she remembered him from the year before..
Mickey was saying oh no dale will be jealous that only chip is on the shirt
(and when he showed up ,he pretended to be hurt)...

Mulan commenting on how she like the pic and
was chip his favorite..

Dale pretended to be upset and left the picture we had to coax him back..and say he was to busy and popular for us to get a picture with him last time.... it was great fun ..and gave us lots of time for pics....( chip and dale always spend the most time with people)....
so you might want to give it a try when you go(I made one for each of us for each park day).....


magicwanda said...

Hi Brenda
I love your blog!
I soooooo LOVE DISNEY!
Seeing your great pics I want to go back now!!!!
We did all the meet and greats also
that is one of my fav things to do...

Marie Reed said...

This is such a FUN blog! It lit up my morning:)

Sonia said...

Love the Disney pics.. thanks for sharing... LOVE Disney, Mickey and friends. :-)

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